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PT. Sarindo Nusa Pratama established in 1999 by working with one of the leading mobile phone brand, Samsung.

After 3 years, Sarindo already has branches and service centers through Sarindo One Gate Distribution (SOGD) throughout Indonesia.

In 2005, under childhood company of PT. Sarindo Putra Persada became the official distributor of Motorola.

Sarindo has a a vision to become the number one player in the mobile market in Indonesia. Sarindo has a mission to become the best local phone provider in terms of product quality, technology, and price, also become the best service provider and get the highest satisfaction rates in Indonesia.

In 2007, PT. Sarindo Nusa Pratama established himself to become a provider of local mobile phone brand D-One Mobile.

In addition, After-Sales service network and service center Sarindo spread over more than 21 cities across Indonesia so as to make consumers feel comfortable and more secure.